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Building a good web site is only the first step towards your success on the Internet.
In order for your site to give you results, people have to be able to find it, and for that to happen your site needs to be optimized and properly submitted to the major search engines. While some companies may promise you great results through a simple submission to what they say are "thousands" of search engines, it is not as easy as that. So at we provide the perfect search engine optimization & submission service for every kind of website. Proven express search engine submission and optimization techniques combined with personalized support, make our services an outstanding value. Whether you're brand new to the web or a seasoned veteran, you've come to the right place.

WebSite Submission
Submitting to the Major Search Engines: The first thing to consider is that there are not "thousands" of search engines on the Internet. Most of the sites which are counted in such advertisements are little known sites which have links pages. At best they generate no traffic, at worst you get a lot of junk e-mail by submitting to them. We have studied the traffic patterns of many web sites over the last five years, and can clearly say that 90% of the traffic is generated by a handful of search engines. Your site must be submitted to these major search engines and directories, and it is to this group of search engines that we prefer to concentrate our efforts on. If your site is already properly prepared and ready for submission, then contact us for our high value search engine submission services. If you would like to improve your chances of achieving high ranking search engine positioning, then read on.

Search Engine Submission: An important step of search engine optimization and promotion is the submission of your web site to the major search engines and directories.Here you learn how we submit your Web site to ensure his appearance in the search engine query results. Before even considering search engine submission one should keep some things in mind:
  • Your Web site should be indexable.
  • Before you submit to directories, none of your pages should be 'under construction'.
  • Without search engine optimization it will be unlikely that you'll have top rankings in the search engine results.
Search Engine Submission Service:
  • We provide link campaign setup and search for quality links, without exceeding your budget.
  • We search for thematic and local directories and search engines for website submission.
  • We write the perfect description when submitting to directories.
  • We locate the right category for your website.
  • If you're looking guaranteed inclusion and fast indexing of your website, then
    our service could be the setup a Pay for Inclusion campaign.
  • If your website can not be optimized (eg. due to flash) and you are still looking for more visitors then
    a Pay per Click campaign can be the website promotion you need.
Our search engine submission strategy:

This is how we submit a Web site to search engines. We always use MANUAL directory and search engine submission!

1) Web site submission to Dmoz and Goguides.

This will ensure indexing by Google and Netscape. Google is by far the most used search engine. Many other search engine gets its search results from Google. Once you are included in GOOGLE, you will also feature in the search engine result pages (SERP) of YAHOO, AOL, NETSCAPE, EXCITE and others. When submitting to DMOZ we are allowed to submit a website to the appropriate category and also to a regional category. Multilingual web sites are entitled to a supplementary submission to the World/language section for every language appearing on the Web site.

2) Submission of the index page to INKTOMI (free submit provided by Lycos).
Pages that are included in Inktomi, will also appear in HOTBOT and in the Web pages section of the MSN search results. When you look at MSN search results, you will first find pages that are provided by paid submission to Looksmart. This might change in the future as Microsoft is working on their own search engine robot.

3) FAST Search Engine submission of the index page (free submit).
As a result, besides inclusion in FAST, the pages will also show up in other search engines such as ALLTHEWEB, LYCOS and WEBCRAWLER.

4) Altavista Search Engine submission of ALL pages of your Web site to ALTAVISTA (free submit).

5) Website submission to other common local search engines in your country.

TEOMA who also provides search engine results for ASK, does no longer show a free submission form. So, for this search engine we will have to be patient and wait for it to find our Web site the natural way, i.e. through the linking structure of Internet.Once included in a search engine, there is generally no need to resubmit and it should sometimes be avoided. Don't ask a search engine for unnecessary processor time.It could be seen as SPAM.

When you are included in Google (AOL/Yahoo), MSN (Inktomi), AltaVista and FAST (Lycos/Alltheweb), you will reach 95% of all internet searches ! Our website submission service combines better search engine rankings with an improved visibility through thematic directories, links from quality web sites and internet start pages.This will bring more targeted visitors on your website, i.e. visitors that can become customers. It includes the following:

Directories and search engines with a free inclusion policy.

Pay for Inclusion (PFI).
Major search engines, except Google, provide an option to pay for inclusion of your site. However, keep in mind that this only guarantees the inclusion. You won't get a higher search engine ranking or more visitors on your website just by paying to be indexed. Your site still needs to be optimized ! PFI is interesting for websites with a frequently changing content and for those who want a fast inclusion. Remember that even without paying, every website with good incoming links will eventually be indexed.

Pay per Click website promotion campaigns (PPC)
With Pay per click you pay a search engine to have a top ranking for well defined keywords.Pay per Click is easy : The more you are willing to pay every time someone clicks on your link, the higher your ranking. At the moment, Overture and Google Adwords are the largest providers of PPC inclusion. PPC is interesting for website promotion if you don't have an optimized site.

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Receive all the answers to your questions right to your mailbox. Complete our online form and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

For more information on WebSite Submission please call us at 81-3-5424-0607
or use the contact form above. Thanks
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