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SEO Search Engine Optimization

You have a wonderful website, but the problem is: no one is seeing it.

Say you own a hair salon in Tokyo, but when you type in "hair salons Tokyo " in your favorite search engine, you don't come up in the first page. In fact, you don't come up on the second page, or the third, or the fourth. Eventually you realize you can't even find yourself . How can you expect potential customers to find you? You can't and they won't. Search engines and website directories such as MSN, Google, All the Web, AltaVista, and Yahoo are the best tools available to your clients when they want to find something on the web; and if your competitor is coming up in searches while you aren't...well, you get the picture. That's why many businesses today have begun to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Search Engine Optimization can optimize your website to rank under the keywords that your clientele will type into a search engine.

At, Search Engine Optimization or Website Promotion is a multi-level process.
  • First, you are assigned a professional optimization-expert. He/she will be your personal SEO contact at and will work to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our search engine optimization services.
  • Next we find the best marketing niche for your online presence. We will research your product and, with your help,
    we will determine the key-words and phrases that will bring the most targeted traffic to your website.
  • Your website is then optimized according to your company's needs and budget.
  • Lastly, optimization of your website must be maintained. Because search engines are constantly evolving, our Search Engine Optimization must also constantly evolve. As search engines improve their search algorithms to ensure more accurate results, search engine optimizers must keep track of these changes and make sure that your website design is up-to-date with the latest search methods.

We offer traditional and non-traditional search engine optimization packages as well as all-inclusive packages combining search engine optimization with web design and website hosting.
We are also very proud of our custom web packages which allow you to choose your own features and to tailor your package completely to your needs.

Regardless of the optimization package you choose, will always work within stringent search engine optimization guidelines to ensure that your website is optimized using only ethical SEO optimization methods.

This is what our SEO experts did for our main company and websites.
Here are some of the results achieved in


Keywords Results Date
web designer japan 4th / in about 28,200,000 Dec. 1st 2008
designer website japan 1st / in about 4,200,000 Dec. 1st 2008
website design tokyo 2nd / in about 2,280,000 Dec. 1st 2008
web design tokyo 1st / in about 2,110,00 Dec. 1st 2008
website design japan 3rd / in about 21,300,000 Dec. 1st 2008
web developers japan 2nd / in about 36,900,000 Dec. 1st 2008
tokyo web design 3rd / in about 3,410,000 Dec. 1st 2008
web design japan 3rd / in about 21,300,000 Dec. 1st 2008
japan web design 2nd / in about 19,000,000 Dec. 1st 2008

We also rank very well on and under similar searches:


Keywords Results Date
website design tokyo 3rd / in about 29,300,000 Dec. 1st 2008
website design japan 8th / in about 148,000,000 Dec. 1st 2008


Keywords Results Date
website design tokyo 1st / in about 3,680,000 Dec. 1st 2008
website design japan 1st / in about 17,000,000 Dec. 1st 2008
web design tokyo 2nd / in about 6,040,000 Dec. 1st 2008

Remember that search engines change all the time. The above results may not be accurate in the future.

For more information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) please call us at 81-3-5424-0607
or use the contact form below. Thanks
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Information is an "" company. We specialize in WebSite Design and Web Development services for the Japanese market. We also service other markets. In addition to our Tokyo office we currently have offices in Los Angeles, Honolulu and Milano. Please visit for more information regarding those other locations. Thanks
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Creating an effective Internet presence is more than just creating a nice brochure or company newsletter for the web,
it's about getting connected to your audience, and providing them with information in an interactive format that is conveniently accessible. CEO
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